Three years later…


Three years ago I initiated what I dubbed my ‘creative summer’, and I entered as many writing contests as I could (including the SWP) and wrote as many short stories as I could (something I had never done before). I learned so much I decided this was not just a summer thing and pledged to treat writing as a career and to do all I could to grow as a writer.

It has been a rough road, but I have improved in leaps and bounds – recently I won the Colin Sutton Cup for Humour with a blurb and first hundred words from my latest WiP (working title Hex Files) about a faerie P.I. However, it was not enough. I knew I could do more. So I applied to the local university.

I honestly didn’t think I would be accepted. I never finished college and didn’t have much of a portfolio, but I was delighted to receive an unconditional offer of acceptance. The course I will be taking is English literature with a foundation year. As it has been more than a decade since I was in education, I felt I needed that foundation year to help me adjust. However, I am free after that foundation year to switch subjects or even try for a combined subject. I hope to get a portfolio of work together and apply to the English Literature and Creative Writing program. I have got a year to apply what I have learned and get my butt in gear. No pressure.

As you can see, a lot has happened in the last three years. Even still, I am still determined to improve further, starting with being more active on blog writing. Starting a brand new adventure as a mature student seems like the perfect opportunity. With this in mind, I intend to keep a regular blog detailing my experience as a mature student, offering the perspective not just of somebody older, but also what it is like to balance study needs, home needs, and the needs of a young child with autism. I also intend to get back into creating reviews for novels, novellas, serials… everything and anything.

More details will follow soon. Wish me luck!


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